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Why Us

There are plenty of reasons why you should build your brand new home with Golden Magnolia Inc. Our commitment to excellence continues to this very day and this is why we have helped many families into their very own home. Our work and guiding principles have made us the number one custom home builder in the region, and earned us a Top Score award and Grand Award in the parade of homes of 2018 as well as highly regarded reputation established in honesty, integrity and respect.
Golden Magnolia was founded on the idea of helping people improve their quality of life through building custom quality homes. Our unique homebuilding process ensures that our homebuyers receive tremendous value for every dollar they invest, making their new custom home a very wise financial investment.
Bottom Line:
We want to build you a home for the right reasons. Because the home suits your needs perfectly, without compromise, without breaking your budget. Because you simply fall in love with the design, and what it will mean for your lifestyle and those you love. 


It's simple. It's fresh. It celebrates the Life, each and every day.

Our design philosophy embraces a passion for aesthetic harmony and practical flexibility throughout interior spaces while working with the design elements of the exterior of the home.  Our homes cover all budgets and all styles of living, but they’re all linked by a common theme: bright, light-filled spaces, great, practical liveability, and stylish appeal. We continually purify, evolve, diversify and upgrade our home designs through constant research and development. That’s what truly sets us apart from our competitors:
passion for continual improvement and innovation.

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